Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Nayana with Sripad-Engagement

Engagement Ceremony

Months before the wedding an engagement ceremony, known as Mangni (in North India) or Nischitartham (in South India), is held. The two families meet to perform rituals to make the engagement official. A muhurat (auspicious date & time) for the wedding is decided based on horoscopes. The couple is then blessed by elders of both families, and is given gifts including jewelry and clothing by their new family. In certain traditions,engagement is marked by the exchange of rings between the bride and groom to be.

Indian engagement ceremonies are very elaborate and vibrant, a sort of prequel to the main wedding, involving close friends and relatives. The period between the engagement and the marriage is one of great excitement and anticipation for both the bride and groom to be. It is marked with a lot of fun-filled activities, with both families getting to together to plan the wedding, to shop, and getting to bond

Indian weddings are known for their elaborate ceremonies and opulent celebrations. Besides, they are held in a very traditional manner, commemorating numerous rituals as per the ancient Vedic era. This has sanctified the institution of marriage, making it one of the most important happenings in one's life. Engagement ceremony is one such ceremony which marks the beginning of the wedding concord. It is also knows as the sagai ceremony or ring ceremony.

It is one of the first ceremonies that takes place between the two families and the would-be bride and groom. The engagement ceremony is basically a brief ritual wherein the couple exchanges gold rings. This ensures both the parties that the girl and the boy are now hooked. This is why it is also called the ring ceremony. This is followed by exchange of gifts between the families like sweets, dry fruits etc. this is followed by either a lunch or dinner party.


DATE : 14TH JUNE 2012

Bridegroom : Sripad Shindagi
Mother's Name: Sunanda Makkimane
Father's name: Digambara Dattatreya Shindagi

Bride : Nayana Prabhakar
Mother's name:  B.S. NandaFather's name: K.N. Prabhakar
Brother's name: Nitin Prabhakar